Quality management

METSOFT® is a software product designed by F.E.S. GmbH.

F.E.S. has many years of experience as a developer of real-world software applications for powerful web-enabled tools that leave hardly anything to be desired in the fields of object, test equipment and quality management.

Thanks to continuous feedback from our own service personnel, our software engineers are consistently attuned to the times, ready to respond to new trends and commercial developments with rapid innovation embodied in professional products.

With METSOFT, F.E.S. provides a sophisticated tool designed to supply the measuring data you can depend on in the manufacture of your high-quality products.

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Innovation, design & development

METSOFT ® is a range of software products comprising quality management, calibration and automated measurement data collection applications.

Users of the METSOFT CALIBRATION software module are provided with a highly efficient tool for calibrating electrical, dimensional, mechanical and physical measurands, while METSOFT OBJECTS opens up new possibilities in terms of quality management.

Each tool in itself is a well-engineered software solution that has been designed with a strong emphasis on compatibility.

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