Calibration & Miscellaneous Services

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 Calibration of electrical equipment

  • Factory calibration
  • DAkkS/-DKD calibration

Calibration of special test and measurement equipment

  • EMC test and measurement equipment 
  • Calibration of digital modulation in generators and analyzers
  • Calibration of:
    • Ultra-high frequency test and measurement equipment
    • Video measurement equipment
    • Vectorial network analyzers

Calibration of length and mechanical test and measurement equipment

On-site calibration and pickup service

  • Mobile calibration laboratory
  • On-site calibration
  • Pickup service

Measurement uncertainties

  • Accredited electrical measurands
  • Extended measurement ranges for factory calibrations
  • Accredited length measurement equipment

Repair service

Packaging service


  • Factory calibration
  • DAkkS/-DKD calibration
  • Traceability of F.E.S.' calibration standards

 DAkkS/-DKD accreditation certificates

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